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Lowell Williams

HR Services Expertise

Lowell Williams brings 30 years of international HR, HRO and HRIT expertise to his role as EquaTerra’s executive director for global HR services. Before joining EquaTerra at its inception, Lowell was an HRO executive at TPI, executive director at Exult, vice president for global HR at Bull Information Systems, and senior vice president and general counsel at Elf Aquitaine.

One of his
favorite things about working with clients and colleagues is problem solving in delivery and transition operations.  “There is always a better way to work and to be productive,” said Lowell, who has been with the company since it was founded in 2003. “We must constantly evolve and grow in our work environment.”   

When away from the office, Lowell is active in community religious matters and life-long learning. He also counsels executives and middle managers regarding career growth, and teaches a course at Columbia University's business school.

Born in Tehachapi, Calif., (pop. 4,000), Lowell now lives with his wife and two sons just north of New York City. He describes his ideal day as, “a fall Saturday in Manhattan with lectures, music, galleries, museums and good food.”


Beyond the Bio

How Clients Describe Him
  • Supportive of all aspects of job and personal life
  • Strategically focused on HRO and HR processes in general
  • Deeply engaged in the success and growth of the people in EquaTerra

Recommended Reading

Rewarding Experiences 

  • Helping return Compagnie des Machines Bull to profitability
  • Working on the Avon global HR outsourcing engagement
  • Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1995




2010 HRO Advisor Superstar

HROA Person of the Year in 2008

2009 HRO Superstar Advisor and Thought Leader

Specific Expertise

30 years of international HR/HRO expertise

Account management, contract management and executive-level HR project management for global clients

HRIT systems

Contact Info


Key Credentials

  • Industry expertise in financial services, oil & gas, information systems and e-business
  • Monthly thought leadership contributor to Human Resource Executive magazine
  • J.D. from Columbia University
  • Clients include Blockbuster, British Petroleum, Cendant, General Motors, Goodyear, Marriott, Unilever, Whirlpool, Williams Companies and TXU


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